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What is Hjerterum?

Hjerterum offers holistic events at our centre in Århus, Denmark. Hjerterum is a quiet space in a fast and chaotic world. We often tend to live in our heads and forget about our body, heart and soul. At Hjerterum there is calm and space for deepening, so you can experience the truth in yourself. At Hjerterum we honour the wisdom of the heart.

Hjerterum is an invitation to community where we find joy in creating an inner positive change that resonates in the world that surrounds us. We applaud each other’s awakening to the truth that we are not separate, but deeply deeply connected.

Welcome to our community heart space !

Healing, caring, sharing, singing, music, dancing, lecturing, workshops, yoga, rebirthing, meditation, community eating, film evenings and much more…
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Become a member for only 222 DKK/month and participate in most events at half price – and often for free. You can also participate in member-only events. 
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Teachers can use our beautiful and well equipped room for events at very reasonable rates, and benefit from our large network of members and followers.
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