Tilmelding - Yoga Nidra by Vitalija Soul breath

Tirsdag d. 21. maj 18:00-19:00
Underviser: Vitalija Rubeziute
Sted: Holistisk Center Aarhus, Mejlgade 95, 3. sal, Aarhus C
Medlemspris: 40,-
Normalpris: 70,-

ⓘ Info om arrangementet

I would like to invite to experience deep relaxation in form of Yoga Nidra, which is known as “Yogic sleep”, a deep relaxation practice from the Indian yoga tradition.

We often experience 'relaxation' through activities like listening to music or walking in nature, or simply having a quiet time. Relaxation is something we do naturally, and we don't need any special training or techniques. However, deep relaxation is something very different. It quietens your mind and releases physical tension in your body. In a state of deep relaxation, your heart beat and breathing slow down, and your body and mind become deeply calm.

Yoga Nidra guides into the deepest state of sleep where the brain produces theta (4-7 hertz) and delta waves (1-3 hertz), but practitioner remains conscious throughout. 1 hour of Yoga Nidra equals to 4h hours of deep sleep. Statistics reveals that on average during the night human have 2h of deep night sleep.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra:

Gently Heals Trauma

Reduces Stress

Reduces Chronic Pain

Reduces PMS Symptoms

Improves Sleep and reduces Insomnia

Facilitates life altering changes

This practice is guided by Vitalija, who is yoga teacher, rebirther, traveller, explorer and free soul as you :)

Let my soft voice guide you in your beautiful yogic sleep and profound relaxation.

Love and Namaste!

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None HC members price 70dkk